Boundary & Vertical Tube

A central Vertical Tube with a Boundary bubble-field around it

is the base-code for creation.

Everything in this Universe is designed along the pre-set parameters established by the Universal Intelligence base-code for creation. Individual self-expression and creativity explores this base-code and adds unique environments into the design.

The central design is the tube-torus system – it holographically propagates the whole Universe. The Tube-torus exists on the galactic scale for each galaxy, inside each star and its solar system, inside each planet, even inside each person.

The tube-torus shape inside us is based on the Vertical Tube (“shushumna prana channel” in Hindu) and the resulting apple-shaped bubble of the energy field. The energy enters the vertical tube from both ends, circulating through its length. As a fountain, it comes out from the crown chakra, cascades around the apple-shape of the field and gets sucked into the root chakra.

There is also a simultaneous opposite flow, from the root out and into the crown. Both currents are maintained by the circulating life force through the vertical tube. When the main flow through the Vertical Tube is present and the external boundary active – we are in holographic harmony with the Universal Intelligence.

A vertical flow of energy feeds all the chakras and connects them to each other. It looks like a hollow tube filled with light. Energy pumps up and down inside the tube. It is like an internal engine without which we cannot exist; the “warp core.” An energy charge can move straight vertically, or in a multi-spiral motion – in both directions.

The top and bottom of the tube are open vortexes, known as the crown and the root chakras. The narrow tips of the other chakras connect to the vertical tube perpendicularly (at ninety-degree angles) from the front and the back of the body.

All the chakras must be open for the vertical flow to work well (remember that chakras are not some mechanical things to repair but reflections of our state of consciousness and/or issues – thus self-work is the way to clean them). If our chakras are clogged and not functioning, the vertical flow is disrupted.

The body becomes weak or ill; the energy levels cannot communicate with each other creating fracturing of the personality, making us feel alone, lost, stuck, scared, trapped and not worthy of love. Inner authority is directly related to the flow through the vertical tube as well.

Correcting imbalances in the personality, reconnecting to the Universal Intelligence (by claiming our right to be unique and be loved), and modifying the vertical flow – all reset the vertical tube into its healthy state. You can then bring confidence, fulfillment and the excitement of meaning into your life.

An energy boundary is a form of DEFINITION of who we are. It is related to the holographic pattern of Universal Intelligence. The natural boundary is the pre-installed energy configuration in alignment with the Universal Intelligence. When we pervert this pattern with our fears, the natural boundary is replaced by an artificial one.

We are all familiar with the artificial boundary. It is a fortress-like rigid DEFENSE system, the maintenance of which requires us to use lots of our own energy. It walls us off from a direct experience of life and deadens our sensitivity in a weak attempt to make life less scary. We get little result in comparison with the energy output. Yet we still wall ourselves off, afraid of the unpredictability of Life and our place in it.

A natural boundary is generated by the up and down pumping of energy in the vertical tube; this creates the centrifugal force that becomes the natural boundary.

This boundary is supported completely by the Universal energy flowing through the vertical tube from all over the Universe and Earth, we do not have to use any of our own energy for it (our energy is the Universal neutral energy encoded with our field signature, and it is much better to have a constant inflow of Universal energy into one’s system than to recycle one’s own charge time after time).

The natural boundary encourages our exploration of life while defining our personal space. It acts as a container for individuality at the same time as it allows experiences to be shared.

Why is this boundary necessary?

There are many New Age teachings about “opening up to all life” that can be mistranslated as “living boundary-less.” As long as you have a form, you need a boundary.

All ascended beings also have a boundary. A transcended being is the only type that does not require boundary because, by definition of its transcended state, it has no form.

Without a boundary at all (natural or artificial one) one feels overwhelmed, exposed, terrified and insane.

With a weak boundary we experience everyone else’s emotions as our own. It becomes very difficult to have an identity, our individual thoughts over-merge with the social consciousness of family, friends, political and religious organizations, country, and then we cannot think/feel for ourselves. A person like that is left with being told what to do and how to be. And, as you can imagine, one becomes a successful target for the viral implant malware subprograms from the lower morphogenic fields, gets “hooked” into these fields, and is often utilized as “food” for the lower entities.

Claiming our innate RIGHT to exist as Individuated Creators allows for a healthy, natural boundary. Most people, traumatized by the karmic loops of unconscious behaviors (their own and others) have forgotten this right and were unable to make a natural boundary.

Instead, we learned to create an artificial boundary as a defense against the perceived danger of the external world. Inside this artificial fortress is a false sense of safety, false because this safety is dependent on keeping others out. The more energy you put into maintaining these fortress walls, the less energy there is to create with, and for vitality and happiness.

In other words, we take energy away from the vertical pump of our energy system by upholding the artificial boundary.

♦ Want to know how to recognize then you are using the artificial boundary? (especially if you are empathic?)

♦ And how to ACTIVATE the natural boundary so that you can return into harmony with life?