Biological Ascension

Most New Age teachings relate to ascension as an experience of leaving this world of suffering and chaos behind, and moving into some utopian place of perpetual love and peace. This is not only a detour on the path of enlightenment, but also a system of False Light, supported by Negative Aliens.

Ascension is about a change of consciousness, and the modification of the material vehicle to be able to hold that consciousness. It is not about “leaving the body” to get to some holy place.

Biological Ascension is ACTIVATING the body

to become capable of HOLDING higher frequencies –

which modifies one’s perceptional lens

and allows for multidimensional access.

The body becomes upgraded into a less and less dense form

as one ascends through dimensions.


Some general guidelines of the overall biological ascension process

  • alignment with the higher frequency templates,
  • resonance of these new templates into our physical and energy bodies,
  • activation of these templates inside the body and field by means of the successive Vertical Tube activations (kundalini),
  • resetting of the brain, nervous system, hormones, and cellular organ structures to match these incoming new vibrational templates,
  • integration of the new energies
  • unlocking of the DNA codes of Light
  • change in the perceptional lens – thus change of reality perception, consciousness shift
  • reevaluation of old personality patterns which do not fit into the new Self, clean up
  • timeline jump to match the new consciousness level

In biological ascension, the body is transmuted into more Light so that it can anchor more consciousness. We are ascending the body while downloading the Soul components of ourselves into it. This changes our perception of the density of the material form – we expand the range of perception to experience less-material forms. A body is an energy template, a program, not a solid object. When we go through biological ascension, we continuously upgrade this program. It is still a body, but this template form is experienced differently in each dimension. Within the range of consciousness one’s own form always FEELS somewhat solid – not because it is solid, but because one is calibrated to that range of frequency. The 7D form would feel very etherial to us, but to a 7D being their form would feel similar to how our bodies feel to us.


This is a simplified sequence of the biological ascension process

  1. the pineal gland activates the DNA;
  2. the DNA activates the compressed file at the root chakra (Kundalini);
  3. the file opens and releases a powerful current, Kundalini, upwards through the Vertical Tube;
  4. the Kundalini re-sets all chakras as it moves upwards;
  5. when the current arrives at the pineal gland, it stimulates the central brain area;
  6. this activates higher chakras (7th, 8th, and 9th) and resonates through plasmic filaments of the Micro-Tubular Network, connecting one with the Universe;
  7. this creates a feedback loop, the energy from Universal Intelligence flows back into the person;
  8. this activates the heart and the thymus gland – the Compassionate Detachment state (inner Observer);
  9. the thymus gland releases hormones which transmute the body’s density by activating the silicate codes of the next sub-harmonic (4D, 5D, 6D);
  10. this further activates the pineal and the process repeats steps 1-10, increasing in voltage and consciousness in every pass.

Biological Ascension is not a mystery, it is a COMPLEX PROCESS that can be achieved overtime as the physical body is fully linked with the energy system and upgraded to the pure Light frequencies.

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