Mind Mastery & Emotional Mastery

If one is in the self-mastery stage of their spiritual development, one’s Ego and the Higher Self are blended together (the Ego becomes transparent, so does the Higher Self).

This means that there are conscious choices (mind-mastery) and pure deep feelings (emotional mastery). Yes, instead of REACTIONS there are CHOICES, and instead of the emotions (which are chemically activated), there are feelings (which are energy-activated).

Fully embodying the belief that we create our reality frees our consciousness range from self-imposed limitations. This is the first step of the path of Self-Mastery – the mastery of the Mind. We become aware that we are responsible not only for our actions but also for every thought we have.

We then recognize that we must become disciplined in tracking these thoughts to their conceptual origins, and face head on our fears and misconceptions. At first, this process is much harder than the victim way of life when we simply blame others, the world, or life for our problems.

It is difficult and takes incredible vigilance to be able to pay attention to feelings and thoughts – all of them! People who are more mentally inclined might find it easier to track the thoughts, while those more emotionally inclined would find tracking their feelings easier. But in the end the result is the same – it leads us to the origin of the belief (we can feel it, or know it, or remember the actual circumstance) so we can change it.

How do you know you have mind-mastery?

When you feel in the flow in all areas of your life, you know you have graduated this step. Through self-discipline and discernment, the quality of one’s life improves significantly. You are able to create your life consciously – this is the “middle path” of internal harmony and balance, of inner peace.

Therefore yes, even at this level of mastery one still experiences pain, and other uncomfortable emotions, occasional confusion, and unsettling thought patterns. But that person is able to quickly deal with the issue at hand and proceed in creating their life.

Mind mastery does not negate dealing with karma or learning in duality – as long as we are here, it is a prerequisite.  If you are experiencing frequent limitations and lack, this means you are not at that level yet. Thus you must apply more vigilance to your feelings and thoughts, and be brave about examining what you are faced with.

When negative emotions occur, do not believe them to be “the truth” about the situation. Remember that it is you who generated these emotions and it is the current belief that you need to examine regarding how true it really is for you now.

Suppressing negative emotions is not a solution, they fester and rot inside the emotional body, which then only destabilizes us further, and generates dis-ease in the physical body.

Stored unprocessed (unfelt) emotions in the physical body only create blockages in the cellular systems and organs. Our matter body systems are like “highways” for the energy flow, and if they are blocked, that system can stop functioning properly (autoimmune problems, allergies, atherosclerosis, a nervous breakdown).

Our organs are like “databases” for the unprocessed energy (in the brain we store confusion, in the sinuses – sadness, in the heart – loss and not-enoughness, in the liver – anger, in the pancreas – bitterness, in the kidneys – fear, etc.)

All suppressed emotions “eat us” from the inside. For example, unprocessed anger directed outwards might mutate into bitterness, while if it is directed inwards, it will become guilt. Or the suppressed fear projected outwards will be felt as anything from anxiety to paranoia, and if pushed inwards, will become depression and not-enoughness.

Unprocessed emotional reactions are “emotional toxin”, and they only breed more issues for our system. Recognizing the feeling and accepting its existence in our energy system is necessary in order to re-program. Only then will we be able to gain self-mastery, when we are consciously directing emotional responses, raising the quality of our lives.

Positive or negative emotional reactions are the side effect of having an Ego.

When one is masterful, one has no personal agenda, thus the emotional reactions are muted (and immediately transmuted!); the personal will (the initiator of an agenda) is blended with the Divine Will (God’s will), and one’s choices are based on the Soul/God perceptions (expanded Universal Intelligence instead of limited personal). A master of Mind and emotions can have a preference but has no personal agenda.

Until one achieves self-mastery, all events trigger an emotional response, either positive or negative, according to our perception of that the event. Self-mastery is the “middle path” – being able to notice the emotional reaction we are having, trace it back through the thoughts to the belief (concept) that created it, and change that belief.

♦ Understand your Lower Self’s needs and learn to PARENT it better!

♦ Find your Higher Self and build a conscious link to it for everyday communication with the wise part of you.

♦ Harmonize your Ego so that it becomes ailed to the Higher Self and Soul (instead of the fears or the Lower Self) so that you can live the life that you are meant to live!