Living in a Simulation

We are living in a crystalline-time-matrix Simulation (a part of a larger Solar Simulation) – a classroom for the Souls. It is a construct of time and space that is hosted by the Universal Intelligence through the Sun star and anchored in the planetary core of Earth.

Think of yourself as a person, sitting in front of a computer. You want to play a complex computer game. You do not feel (with your emotional body) the zero-one-zero-one-zero-one programming of the software, and you did not design (with your own Conceptual body) the hardware of the computer machine in front of you. But you want to play a game, you have a desire to fulfill. What do you have to do in order to perceive inside the computer game?

You must make an “avatar,” a character inside the game. Your avatar will have a form/body with which it will be able to perceive the game environment as its reality. The avatar will know nothing of you, the person in front of the computer, who commands it, right? The avatar is your eyes and ears inside the game, through it you can experience the game as if you are in it, even though you are sitting in front of your computer.

Now, let us look at what this avatar can do. Can it do anything, have unlimited options? No, of course not, the avatar has to act according to the rules of the game it is created for. In other words, you, the person in front of the computer, can move left, right and so on, but your avatar must move only according to the rules of the game. If you want your avatar to open a door and go through it, you command it to do so, but it can only do so according to the game rules – maybe it will have to turn around twice, or have to have some unique key, or maybe it will have to do some task to gain access to the key, with which it can open the door you want it to open.

In this analogy, the person in front of the computer is the Soul. The higher desires and thoughts that a person has are the interaction with the game; they compose the Higher Self. The avatar, designed to perceive the game from the inside, is the physical body. Through the senses of our matter-bodies we see, hear, smell, taste, and kinesthetically sense our material “game” here. The avatar is “experiencing” the game by translating the stimuli – these are our lower emotions and thoughts, which make up the Ego. The avatar is also defending against perceived or previously experienced pain – this is the Lower Self. But just as the avatar is not the actual consciousness, our physical bodies, complete with their reactions to stimuli, are only perceptual tools for the Soul.

The “unconsciousness” is the reliance on the basic five senses of the animal form. This is the avatar functioning on its own – surviving inside the “game.” Consciousness is the awakening of the Higher Sensory Perception (intuition, empathy, clairvoyance, clarity of Mind, connectedness with the Universal Intelligence, etc.)

The word “energy” comes from Greek “energeia,” which means “within” and “work/activity.” The matter-body is enlivened by the “work within,” or energy. In fact, it is energy. Every atom is more than 99% empty space! The subatomic particles are really energy bundles, the compressed coded vibrating packages of information.

They seem solid to the “avatar” that we, Soul entities, perceive through because it was designed to play by the rules of the game – the matter game (what is labeled as the laws of physics). You, the Soul, know very well that matter is an extremely slowed down energy. Nothing is solid. It only feels solid because we believe it is.

We all constantly communally agree on the rules of the matter-game – whatever the majority believes becomes the rule of the game. One of the main rules is the limitation of matter (i.e., the avatar cannot walk through a wall, it will have to look for a door, find the key, and only then enter). But in Maat, it is not solid. Just like the walls of the house inside a computer program are made of programming code, not brick or wood!

When we incarnate, we enter, by choice, “the game” of material perception. In order to have a matter-body respond to our commands, we affect it with energy from other bodies. Inside the material body, signals travel through the DNA and RNA to generate and maintain our cellular structure.

The intelligence that encodes the particularities of the matter-body is us, the Soul, while the Universal Intelligence is the code we are utilizing to make up the “game.” The rules of the game are the parameters that WE collectively generate. This fact has been exploited by the Negative Aliens to change this Simulation to serve their interests.

This Simulation was originally designed by the Guardian Kadishtu as a university for multidimensional consciousness species. At that time the Solar Council was set up, to work in concert with other multidimensional Councils of Light – to create a species form with a 12 strand DNA that was compatible with all of the alien races – as means of promoting consciousness and further enlightenment.

It did not work out as planned – through the involvement of separation-based species the Solar Simulation was modified by their Control Agendas. This created a complex situation of the rapidly fragmenting human template, the controlling aliens parking themselves in this construct, war-like alien refugees, and the positive aliens with a desire to help and fix this mess.

The Solar Council and other Guardian Kadishtu did what they could to minimize the damage, but by the Universal Law free will was to be honored and non-interference with the less-conscious species to be respected. Many Guardian Kadishtu are so far beyond duality perception that this level of Separation control mentality is incomprehensible to them. Agreements were made with the negative aliens (most later broken by these negative entities), and the planet was quarantined, stargates closed – while a larger plan to reverse the damage was being worked on.

The Control Agenda programs locked human consciousness inside a very narrow range of this Simulation. This was done through the addiction and emotional trauma programming – remember the law that the group beliefs of the Souls partaking in the “game” generate the rules of the game? The Negative Aliens could not MAKE us do anything – the Universal Law prevents it. But in our free will we are free to believe what we like – and these negative aliens are free to guide us into the ideas that serve them (Victim-victimizer, Patriarchal Hierarchy, royalism, False God, etc.) They presented traumatic and addictive options to the fragmented human template – and the earthling Souls believed these falsities, effectively rewriting their “classroom” into what it is today. This was also the time when the starseeds came into the Earth’s Simulation – their collective “mission” is a part of the larger Guardian Kadishtu plan to reset this Simulation into the Higher 3D ascension timeline.

Humans did not “fall from an enlightened state” into this density. Earthlings Souls came from a harmonious state of being into density, but because humans did not have the individuated Self to make conscious decisions with they were highly susceptible to the Control Agendas of the Negative Alien groups, and thus this descent occurred more rapidly and thoroughly than naturally planned. Enlightenment implies individuality, a balance of unique Self and Unity – as the ascension is the uniting of the Self with the Oneness.

Negative aliens are also God Source, just like the Guardian Kadishtu and all of us – we are all One. Some of the universal entities are in the service-to-others altruistic level of consciousness, while others are stubbornly stuck in the service-to-self selfish phase. Eventually, everyone arrives back into Source. It is important not to pick sides but to see this as a struggle of consciousness as it moves out of Separation back to the Light of Oneness, occasionally resisting letting go of the false power of the Ego.

We are always free and as soon as one fully steps into one’s inner God Source authority and lets go of these emotional-chemical, addictive powerlessness programs, one steps beyond the confines of this artificial Simulation into the rest of the larger crystalline-time-matrix.

Navigating the Simulation

Prior to incarnation, we set up particular challenges as part of our journey here. These challenges then act like magnets, which attract situations to us, so we can experience them, resolve them, and learn and grow the Soul-Self through them. The Soul’s unique “signature” is the energy pattern woven from these awakenings. If one resists any  challenging situation, which arrives into one’s life, one becomes entangled in it – and attracts negativity that matches the problem, instead of the universal intelligence template that matches the solution.

Our problems start not when we encounter uncomfortable experiences,

but when we get STUCK in them.

When one’s not-wanting-to-experience what one IS experiencing becomes habitual,

one grows stuck in the resistance.

Any and all resistance is futile – it only leads to more pain.

Because we habitually take the Ego’s side, we respond to problems as trauma, instead of problems as teachers. Learning to recognize the signs of this habitual stuck-ness releases the Ego’s literal perception of the event, and instead amplifies the Soul’s metaphorical perception (giving the power back to the Higher Self).

The Ego’s literal view is mostly processed through the body’s autonomic nervous system, which is unconscious, instantaneous and preconditioned. The Soul’s metaphorical view at the beginning is dealt with inside the body’s central nervous system, which is comprised of the spinal column and the brain, and this allows for more of the Soul’s expanded awareness to enter our material experience.

The more this occurs, the more complex higher frequency templates we can pull in, which begin to rewire our brain patterns and activate the DNA – making it much easier to see as the Soul sees. This takes one beyond the limited confines of the “artificial game” into the expanded range of the Higher 3D ascension timeline.

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