Electro-Magnetic Code Activators

All spiritual initiations are code-activators (directly affecting our Light Bodies) by means of the electromagnetic field. These energy code-activators are unique electromagnetic signals. When we transmit an energy signal (a single code, or a complex template), we propagate the electromagnetic wave frequencies (of the whole electromagnetic field) to form a particular electromagnetic signal (unique to the data we are dealing with), which can be recognized and resonated with.

During this Ascension timeline experience, humankind is being pressured to expand its frequency range and incorporate a much wider electromagnetic diapason. This means that the material body (the densest electromagnetic component) has to change in order to be able to hold these new frequencies.

Not all electromagnetic signals are coming from the divine source – the planet is currently experiencing signals of all types, as the power forces fight for domination while the ascension timeline is gaining strength.

The natural electromagnetic signals support biological ascension and are strongly interwoven into the Higher 3D ascension timeline. These code-activators are beneficial for our spiritual development, but still can be hard on the body (and the Ego personality) because one must make room for them (let go of the negative beliefs and addictions).

The artificial electromagnetic signals support the Victim-Victimizer program of the Lower 3D Earth – these are perpetrated by the Negative Aliens and some negatively-inclined humans as well. These artificial signals are designed to block the ascension process by fragmenting one’s personality and energy system, and by activating addictions and pain processes in the body.

Whole unified electromagnetic field >> 

affected by conscious intent >> 

unique electromagnetic signal (code-activator)

The natural conscious intent can be of general type – coming from the God Source resonance, or of a particular type – activated by a conscious being (anyone who has an ability to direct energy, including humans). All frequency downloads that we work with to help transform our bodies are made of these unique electromagnetic signals.

In this lifetime I was born awake, without the typical loss of memory of previous lifetimes, skills and knowledge. My continuous link to the Universal Intelligence and Kadishtu Guardians allows me to design electromagnetic programs to help starseeds and humans undergo the biological ascension process here on Earth.

I utilize my skill, for synthesizing and propagating electromagnetic signals, in many of the downloads, templates and energy-coded e-courses on this website. I am able to write the code-activators into electromagnetic transmissions which, when downloaded into the body, resonate with one’s Light Body, initiating the energy field and the DNA into higher frequencies, into activation of transcension templates, and into support for the biological ascension.

Our nervous systems produce an alternating magnetic field. When this field is able to synchronize with the external plasmic ionized filaments, we are able to extract these ions from the external space. This re-sets our own electromagnetic field as it is being upgraded by the electromagnetic signals (code-activators). The more one is able to vibrate at the higher frequencies, the more compatible one is with these higher electromagnetic signals – and this means that one can then integrate more of these downloads into one’s system. These high frequency electromagnetic signals carry compressed data from the Universe – the faster the frequency, the more data delivery capacity the signal has.

Unique electromagnetic signal (code-activator) >> 

electric current in the nervous system >> 

resonance with the DNA (can activate new codes)

Electromagnetic signals resonate with our nervous system, activating meridians and the Micro-Tubular network, disseminating the data until the DNA program becomes affect by it. You can see how this can be an incredible tool for awakening (if we vibrate at the higher consciousness levels we are able to receive more data into our DNA from the higher consciousness) and also can be a huge hindrance (if we vibrate at the lower fear, victim, addiction frequencies we are bombarded by the controlling signals that dampen our DNA).

Electro-Magnetic Polarity Predisposition

We have a predisposition for a particular polarity that is set up by the Soul in accordance with karmic patterns and the lessons of each lifetime.

Uniting these two forces doesn’t mean blending them into one – this erases the Self. All of  reality is built on this polarity, but when these opposites are in harmony with each other, there is peace. Harmony does not mean 50% of each, but a unique combination for balance inside each being. When we know which polarity is predominant and which is harder for us to deal with, we stop blaming ourselves, and resolve our action/inaction issues more efficiently. Each individual has his/her own ratio of these two forces, creating many more exciting alignments with other humans, like trillions of pieces of a puzzle, all different, able to fit together in complex and beautiful ways. The simplistic beauty of this resonance is Love and Grace.

The predisposition for a particular polarity, set up by the Soul, encompasses karmic patterns and the lessons of each lifetime. It is a very complex process. The genetic line into which a Soul is going to incarnate is chosen, and it has a particular atomic structure that will enable it to easily anchor the chosen polarity.

The polarity is anchored by means of tiny, subatomic particles called fermions and bosons. Fermions are tight forms. They choose identity and determine to stay in form; they are electric sub-particles. Bosons are energy clouds; they are charged fields and are magnetic. There is also one more type of these particles – a neutral one. This particular sub-particle is capable of becoming a fermion or a boson, depending on what our consciousness directs it to be – this is how we balance ourselves, and eventually co-create with God Source.

Each person is born naturally with more fermions or bosons, determining their dominant polarity. But we do not always follow this sub-atomic blueprint. If you are naturally more magnetic, but scared of being open and also are trained that electric is more safe/responsible, you might try to act more electric. This tends to bring a lot of pain from not being able to relax into the Self. You will feel that you can “never do it right” or match up to other electric types. Or, you might be naturally more electric, but forced by societal standards to act soft and emotional, to play a more magnetic role. You will feel unrealized, bored or frazzled, unable to express your potential. All of this makes it is very important to become aware of your inner polarity and to bring it into balance.

If we are in fear, judgment, guilt, or shame, we defend against our Soul’s plan and tend to activate not the balancing particles to our nature, but the opposite.

For example, you might be just learning to be more magnetic (working with your emotions) and come into a body with a little bit more magnetic than electric energy. Your Soul’s plan was to activate even more magnetic energy for deeper experiences. If you become frightened of your emotional experiences, your neutral sub-particles would freak out into fermions and you would become more electric, which wouldn’t serve your evolution.

Or you come in to learn the electric side (strategy and mind), but because of karmic patterns incarnate into a slightly more magnetic body. You can activate more electric energy over time and balance them. But if you fear the electric (perhaps based on your experiences with the negative controlling and abusive power) and choose not to look at that fear, the neutral sub-particles will become magnetic, tuning you into an emotionally unstable person instead of a balanced, powerful identity. These forces are very powerful in the energy field and even more in the body (because it is denser). When we recognize what polarity is dominant in us and the direction of our journey in life, we feel guided to a correct polarity.

There is no ultimate correct polarity; it depends on the life’s plan. Unfortunately, we get taught that one polarity is more powerful/important than the other. This is not true; they are equal powers of this Universe. If you recognize an internal bias toward a particular polarity, work with it, make it more conscious, so that you help your system to let it go. This will support your neutral sub-particles to change their polarity into the correct one for you for that time. The correct polarity balance leads to the amplification of life force.

Uniting electric and magnetic polarities allows for more life force generation. Life force is generated through the bouncing between the polarities. If we are always using only one side because of our biases and judgments, we significantly limit our production of life force. This makes life feel hard, heavy, hindered. If the production of life force is constant, life becomes smooth and effortless and we have the support of Universal energies. Not only that, we feel genuinely alive because we are in a very personal relationship with the Universe.

Electro-Magetics can be translated into the “inner King” (electric) and “inner Queen” (magnetic). Listen to a short AUDIO-CLASS about claiming your polarity and balancing the King and Queen!