White hole - Black hole Alchemy

The living breath of God Source is the expansion and contraction of the Universe. We think of it linearly from the 3D viewpoint, but in reality, this is a continuous multidimensional transmutation that the God Source does within itself.

The White Hole is the expression outwards (outbreath), the Black Hole is the expression inwards (inbreath). These “holes” are quantum vortexes – one produces Light, the other consumes it. This Universe is a self-recycling alchemical system of continuous learning. It is infinite.

The White Hole vortex and the Black Hole vortex are linked at the singularity of the Void point by an enormous Vertical Tube. This whole Universe is a giant tube-torus vortex, sucking energy from one end and expelling it from the other. Since it is a hologram, everything inside this Universe is based on this very pattern, including our galaxy, our Sun, our planet and our energy bodies. The Vertical Tube that we all have inside our bodies – the Kundalini pranic channel – is the holographic blueprint of the giant Universal tube!

The blueprint for the energy field – with the central tube and the chakra vortexes perpendicular to it – is a secondary system of Light resonance, while the Light Body geometry of the Vertical Tube with the upper and lower vortexes is the primary holographic construct. When one ascends beyond the lower dimensions, the secondary (chakra system) blueprint dissolves, leaving onto the original Light Body (we become glowing orbs with a vertical channel in the middle and upper and lower funnels for intake and release of Light).

The White Hole releases the energy into our Universe from the 9D and lower dimensions – the particle-bases realities. The Black Hole releases the energy through the Void point into the anti-particle portion of this Universe – from 10D and higher dimensions. The Void point is the White Hole – Black Hole alchemy place where the change in spatial, directional, time and mass parameters occurs as the consciousness translates itself past the 9D/10D dimensional seal.

The Void access inside the Vertical Tube

is calibrated by the rate of spin of the two vortexes.

Currently the Universal Void access point is activating our planetary Void access point – thus resulting in the Crown chakra and Root chakra of Earth vibratory change. These two chakras relate differently to each other since the planet was freed from the “shrink wrap” malware (at least at the Higher 3D template version!) and the Universal plasmic filaments could reconnect to Earth.

As the planetary Vertical Tube is changing its relationship to the central Void point (the Earth’s core), and the North and South poles holographically mimic the White Hole – Black Hole alchemy, our own energy fields (as holographic fractals of the whole) are going through the same transformation.

Human beings are in the process of modification of the Void point –

the White Hole – Black Hole alchemy process inside our Light Bodies.

In flashing reality perception on and off we are able to glimpse the true nature of the Universal tube-torus. By it the illusion of movement is created, thus allowing the Simulations of all sorts to exist.

From the inside of any Simulation time is perceived are “moving” while the Universe itself is still. The White Hole – Black Hole alchemy generates this time and space illusion inside every dimension, every Simulation – this is how God Source learns, experiences itself. It is a good thing 🙂

We are originally meant to have access to the Void still point as well as the tube-torus time/movement view. But inside our current Simulation on Earth, this perception was lost, trapping us in linear time! And now the planetary Void point is “waking up” again, resonating with the God Source stillness, allowing the no-time experience to become more evident.

It is not meant to be lived in, obviously we require some timeline experience to exist as individuated entities!  But having some subconscious, environmental access to it helps one remain in the Higher 3D ascension timeline (linear and non-linear at the same time).

What does this mean for an average person? One’s reality is directly related to how wide one’s frequency range is. And currently this range is expanding – because Pi, the planetary consciousness host, and the Guardian Kadishtu, and all of the Starseeds on Earth, had brought the Higher 3D ascension timeline into existence.

This expansion is supported by the fact that Earth is done with the limited “shrink wrap” situation (clogged stargates, couldn’t breathe) and all currently open stargates are able to pull in much more life force – all because the Vertical Tube of Earth is more active due to this Void point modification.

The more Void access there is, the stronger is the active spin of the White Hole – Black Hole alchemical process (mimicked by the Crown and Root chakras of Earth) – and this means that the range available for consciousness on Earth is expanding.

And this means a slightly different outcome for the Lower 3D versus Higher 3D. In the Lower 3D people will be triggered into awakening which will not look harmonious at all because there are so many negative programs in the way (which have to be shed in order to wake up beyond them). In the Higher 3D the ascension timeline will be further activated, and self-responsible loving people will increase their Light capacity, and support their ascension.

The Black Hole – White Hole Alchemy is generating a Consciousness Shift on this planet.