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Systems and Structures

understand the universe

earth is a simulation ascension 101 gold abstract grid with red stripe over black background

Living in a Simulation

Living in a Simulation We are living in a crystalline-time-matrix Simulation (a part of a larger Solar Simulation) – a classroom for the Souls. It is a construct of time

morphogenic field ascension science yellow on black abstract image

Morphogenic Fields

Morphogenic Fields Morphogenic fields are electro-magnetic templates; they are alive intelligent blueprints. They are created by planets, by the Sun, by Nature, by various energy entities (for positive and negative

light energy ascension science watercolor peach and blue light abstract image


Light Pure Light is the Universal Intelligence, a lattice of electromagnetic energies created by the multiple waves of frequency within a time-limited parameter (a dimension) of this Universe. Light is

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Quantum Synthesis

Quantum Synthesis The quantum synthesis is the transformation of the quantum template inside of the human body by activated consciousness. The more that our bodies are able to expand the

black hole, white hole ascension science turquoise blue on black background abstract image

White hole – Black hole

White hole – Black hole Alchemy The living breath of God Source is the expansion and contraction of the Universe. We think of it linearly from the 3D viewpoint, but

holographic construct ascension science golden sphere abstract image

Holographic Construct

Holographic Construct There is one True Reality that is God Source – All That Is. God Source (Is-ness) is Holographic in nature. The term hologram is comprised of the Greek