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Healing Energy

private 30 MIN. REVIEW & 60 MIN. ENERGY WORK 

You want to understand the CAUSE of a particular situation in your life, but logical answers of materialistic cause-and-effect do not explain it… You desire to know the spiritual CAUSE of your medical/health condition, and a medical explanation does not answer your questions…

This type of a session is designed especially for this – a 30 minute mentoring to dive in and explore the cause of your internal situation or an external condition, and a 60 minute healing energy work to help you clear it.

Depending on your concerns…

I will explain the spiritual CAUSE of an event in your life or of your medical/health condition, provide specific advice and INSTRUCTIONS on what you can do to improve your emotional, mental, spiritual, financial, and health situation.

To accomplish this, we focus on one condition or event per session.

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receive clearing

Healing Energy

clarify the spiritual  cause of your physical condition or an event

♦  Realign your body to the etheric Health Blueprint

♦ Reconstruct healthy energy patterns which were torn or broken

♦  Release emotional ATTACHMENTS

♦ Release karmic ASTRAL HOOKS to the people you are complete with

♦ Clear your mind from the conceptual limitations

♦ Release any old KARMIC OVERLAYS and judged experiences you might have had

♦ Correct the IMBALANCES in your energy field

♦ Anchor modifications in the etheric field, and in the subatomic and quantum levels

♦ Consult your ENERGY GUIDES

♦ Understand your karmic contract for this lifetime

♦ Receive clear INSTRUCTIONS for what to do to maintain the positive changes 

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Appointments missed, canceled or rescheduled with less than 48 hours’ notice will be billed for the full scheduled service fee.

This type of session can be taken many times – each deepening into a particular issue or area of your life.

I am NOT a doctor, NOT a “medical intuitive”, and NOT a “technician” that will “fix” your system for you. The notion of “fixing” takes power away from you, and I am interested in amplifying your power.

This is meant to be a co-creation. You notice that something is not working in your body/life, I use my expertise in helping you FIND SPIRITUAL CAUSE and CHANGE that internal environment.