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Energy Anatomy

 5-hour masterclass

You want to be able to CONSCIOUSLY run your energy. You want to become AWARE of your energy field. But you do not know how to do this… You are sensitive and you can feel the energy flow, but then your mind hijacks your thoughts and you end up thinking that maybe you are just imagining it… Sounds familiar?

This is because you have not been given clear steps on how to tune into your chakras, how to vibrate your whole field with the planet so that you can sense your energy more and feel confident in what you are experiencing.

it is essential…

to train yourself to EXPERIENCE your own energy system so that you can KNOW with CLARITY and CONFIDENCE what your chakras are doing and become MASTERFUL with the upgraded vibrations.

This is why you will love this masterclass

chakra activation

by Upgrading your

A 5-hour live event replay designed specifically to CALIBRATE your energy field to the new planetary vibrations of the Ascension Timeline

Gaia and Pi are the conscious hosts of our planet. Gaia has been here for millions of years, while Pi just arrived in 2012 with the activation of the Ascension Timeline.

All of the spiritual materials about chakras that came to us through the ages are written about the energy field in alignment with Gaia. But now Pi is the main planetary host – and the new UPGRADED CHAKRA SYSTEM is necessary. If we run our energy based on Gaia’s blueprint, we miss out on incredible opportunities for AWAKENING and HEALING.

in this 5-hour masterclass

Part 1: Pi upgrades in Experiencing Pleasure

Chakras 1, 2, 3

♦ Spiritual Adulthood (inner Parent and inner Child)
♦ Change in concept of Pleasure with Pi
♦ Root chakra (trust, relief)
♦ Second chakra (new pleasure)
♦ Third chakra (higher and lower intuition, identity changes)

Part 1: Pi upgrades in Self-Responsibility

Chakras 4, 5, 6, 7

♦ Heart chakra (‘like’ vs. Love, free will to choose, self-discipline)
♦ Inner wars between the Ego/Lower Will and the Higher Self/Divine Will
♦ Consistent compassion, self-honor
♦ Fifth chakra (personal truth, changes in relationships, self-responsibility)
♦ Sixth chakra (envisioning your life, manifesting what we want)
♦ Changes in identity and receiving the Wisdom from events
♦ Seventh chakra (inner knowing)
♦ Individualized Oneness (Unity Consciousness)
♦ New opening for Enlightenment on earth, new blue-white-purple-violet flame

Are you Ready?

Receive DETAILED information about your ENERGY FIELD ANATOMY while being GUIDED STEP BY STEP through each chakra, so that you can EXPERIENCE your own system with CONFIDENCE and CLARITY.

upgrade your chakras

Align with new Pi energies

EXPERIENCE your chakras

LEARN about your Energy-Anatomy

ACTIVATE Pi upgrades

AWAKEN your awareness

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