My Life Story

I am Eugenia Oganova – clairvoyant Soul Strategist, Entrepreneur, Soul-Driven Business & Intuitive Marketing Coach, best-selling Author, Energy-Healer & Conscious Energetics Transcension mentor with over 25 years of professional expertise.

I empower spiritually-driven sensitive freedom-loving people to fully step into their Soul Mission, own and express their worth and Light, and confidently take charge of their lives and perceptions.

The words above have been my “inner banner to march by” from the moment I was born. And in this lifetime I was born awake – I did not “forget” who I was prior to this incarnation, nor did I lose the multidimensional conscious access.

I always saw myself as the “big me”. “Eugenia” is the “avatar inside the game”, required for living my mission on Earth – but not my full identity (this made for some “not very fun” moments of painful confusion in kindergarten!)

By the age of two years, I (as Eugenia) had realized that 99% of what I knew and saw as REALITY was not available to the people around me. The “big me” knew what this meant, but Eugenia still had some choices to make:

1)- to see all people as insane or crazy while trusting what I knew/saw; 2)- to see myself as insane or crazy while trusting that the limited perception they had was all that there was; and 3)- agree to disagree.

I had chosen the 3rd option, in agreement with the “big me” 🙂  I acknowledged the reality of what I saw (being clairvoyant) and knew (being telepathically connected to the multidimensional intelligences) without anyone around me who saw/knew what I saw/knew.

I just had to stand in that Maat (truth) alone. I could see the immaturity and youth of the Earthling soul group, and the constricting morphogenic fields on this planet that limited human consciousness even further. This only fueled my passion to release this planet from the imposed negative limitations.

Human friends were hard to come by (I was a strange child) but, I (as Eugenia) usually did not feel lonely, consciously linked to the “big me” and surrounded by so many “energy friends”. The “big me” was always busy with the Solar Council meetings (that she/I am a part of) and complicated energy-gridwork around the planet that Kadishtu Guardians and many other non-physical collegues were participating in.

This work was accomplished consciously when I was awake (I am sure I looked very odd to adults, staring into space… People were always surprised that even as a very little child I could “play alone for hours”) and subconsciously (from Eugenia’s view) when I was asleep. 

Sleep never seemed to me what other people considered it to be – I remember being surprised when my only human friend at the time thought of dreams as some made up by her stories. My “dreams” were conscious visions of the spiritual work that “big me” was involved in and rarely showed everyday stuff.

I had traveled off-world – into orbit, around the Solar System, and far beyond (including “up and down” – multidimensionally) – through the stargates. During this travel I did NOT take my physical body with me (Eugenia-the-avatar remained here) but my consciousness went elsewhere. I was so used to this process, merging with the “big me” to do it, that it was shocking as a child to find out that other little children didn’t know that our planet is round, or what it looks like from orbit, or what the Sun looks like. Even today, bringing my consciousness just beyond the stratosphere of Earth is still one of my most favorite places to hang out and rest.

Having access to the Universal Intelligence allowed me to KNOW things about the planetary history, about quantum physics (how this Simulation is constructed), about human consciousness, and about the spiritual pathways that were not available to most (this made school very boring!)

I spent countless hours engineering complex energy-programs, templates, and grids for this Solar System and this planet, supporting anything from the Solar System shield and the galactic stargates opening, to planetary morphogenic fields and human awakening. 

People always found their way to me for help on their journeys. When I was 14 years old, I was already working with young people, helping them alleviate their teenage confusion and anxieties. At 15 years old I moved to helping spiritually inclined adults and psychic children.

I had to develop a language, a set of terms, to explain what I saw – the knowledge of “big me” was so … BIG! I used to have a hard time finding words to explain what I saw because I would tune in and gain access to all the data at once – a person’s past lives, their karmic lessons, the state of their spiritual and physical health, possible timelines to choose – all at once and in the most intricate detail (I used to see as an x-ray machine then, too – thank God that ability is off now!)

Obviously the client didn’t need all this data, so I had to learn to 

sift through it for the necessary nuggets that would fit into the consciousness range of the client.

Being mostly home-schooled, I became an autodidact in history, psychology, astronomy, nuclear physics (not the math part), biology, theosophy, and every spiritual practice out there – all as a means to EXPLAIN what I saw and knew to the people I worked with.

I was born and lived in Russia for the first 16 years of my life. Russia was a necessary morphogenic field to calibrate my super-electric system with some magnetic polarity. In 1992 my family immigrated into the United States, and I continued to do my spiritual healing/educational work here. I never saw myself as “Russian” though, often being referred to as an “alien” by people who couldn’t explain this knowledge/wisdom I had access to.

My passion is to show you the “Big Picture” of the Universe and your place in it, to EMPOWER and bring CLARITY of PURPOSE to your life as you are walking your spiritual path.

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