The Consciousness F.u.t.u.r.e. Method

I know what it feels like to be curious about getting support from a mentor yet be unsure about whether their advice and approach is right for you. That’s why I created this page: to help you understand more about my methodology and my conscious energetically-balanced approach to business.

In the next few pages you’ll find information on:

💥 Who I am and exactly how my method, process and strategy helps you create Soul-aligned results;
💥 How to best prepare for the call and your exact next steps to come ready!
💥 Questions and answers about my Conscious F.U.T.U.R.E. mastermind so you are clear on all the details.

Ready? Let’s go!

First, a little about me...

I was born clairvoyant, clairsentient and non-neurotypical – this means I see energy, timelines, possibilities, people’s Soul Design, karmic lessons, and non-physical beings. I am also a highly grounded, practical, efficient, and proactive person, I am able to process incredible amounts of linear and non-linear information at the same time.

I’m an autodidact who studied psychology, theosophy, ancient history, holistic healing techniques of many cultures, biology, anatomy, fine art, design, cosmology and quantum physics in addition to business, marketing and sales. I have traveled to 26 countries and taught my methodology across the world.

I learned to work hard from an early age – at 14 y.o. I began to see paying clients for healing and personal transformation. At 16 I immigrated to USA, worked 3 jobs to put myself through college… and did one-off healing sessions for $80 per hour. Soon after college I had a booked-out healing practice because I am great at what I do – but… I was working 12-hour days 6 days per week. As a typical over-achiever type A personality, I was pushing hard (had a yearlong wait list to work with me privately), and I taught multidimensional self-mastery workshops all over the world (took people to the rarest sacred sites on the planet!) – I was making $186k per year and… I was exhausted.

Many of my clients were entrepreneurs – I was advising them on anything from their energetics and mindset to their business strategy, positioning and messaging (I didn’t know it was called that at the time!) Eventually I burned out because this was NOT sustainable!

I went on a mission of learning how to transition into a PREMIUM coaching model. I spent thousands of dollars every year (because I was so determined) on high level coaches, looking for the solution, trying to find this “right way”… If I didn’t get this right, I would not only be stuck at the lower income, but I will have to remain working hard, probably burn out, and then not be able to serve my
clients at all.

At first, I was excited. I learned so many PROVEN strategies! But then I started to get worried because not all of these things worked for me. Maybe you’re at the same place right now where I was then – struggling to make it work…

This was frustrating and emotionally traumatizing – I succeeded in other parts of my life, I worked so hard at this, and I knew I wanted to have the freedom and a business that allowed me space for self-care and creative innovation, but I just couldn’t figure out how to make it happen with these rigid masculine strategies, complex 20-step funnels, or exhausting launches of new offers every single month… That was NOT what I signed up for!

I knew I was unique, perhaps too different, and what I realized was that I needed a conscious spiritual approach to my business. I realized that I was SEPARATING business from my conscious understanding of reality!

I found that there was a way to do high-end coaching WITHOUT having to push, having to force yourself into stuff that someone else told you, and instead get into  the multiple-6  & 7-figures naturally.

I invented the Conscious F.U.T.U.R.E. Method™

>> When I applied it, I was able to generate $132k in 90 days;
>> And went on scaling to $500k+ income;
>> And became a self-made millionaire.

What I had to shift were my beliefs about what is possible, how I was talking and embodying the energetics about my offer, and how I was selling it.

The reason I tell you this story – how hard it was for me – because if I could do it, you can do it.

The clients I work with are highly self-aware people who know that they’re meant to transform this world and be
the consciousness leaders on this planet.

They just were missing the guidance on how to elevate their business to premium level and speak to the correct clients while being in spiritual integrity.

♦ You might be able to create amazing magic, but have NO business strategy and have difficulty articulating the value of your “intangible” work and thus can’t get paid well for it;

♦ You might have your intuition voice buried under the voice of the mind, over-complicating your business and working way too hard, doing too many things, without proper alignment to scale.

Before we dive in, is this you?

♦ You want to be influential and change the world for the better, you’re a highly self-aware spiritually-mature person who’ve always been a high-achiever – you don’t give up till you succeed.

♦ As a spiritual Coach, a Healer, or a Personal Transformation Mentor, you feel you were born “on the Mission” to elevate the consciousness of this planet and accelerate your own evolution through your Soul Work.

♦ You want to deeply transform lives and attract more high-ticket premium clients, more opportunities and more money WITHOUT compromising on your integrity or self-care needs.

♦ In order to do that, you’ve realized that you need to run your business in the way that fits YOU, and learn to Message about and Sell your Premium level Offers with correct ‘feminine’ Energetics and ‘masculine’ Strategy, so you can standout online and attract amazing soulmate clients naturally.


♦ While you’re amazing at what you do, you’re unclear about what to focus your efforts on, so you keep following standard cookie-cutter strategies that only make you work harder.

♦ You have some social media presence and you’ve been signing new clients, but its either not consistent or you know you should be getting paid more – you’ve yet to find a marketing strategy that fits you, so you end up doing “all the things” or “nothing” at all.

♦ You care deeply about your clients and over-deliver on your promises, but in the process of being compassionate, you might forget your boundaries which then leaves you exhausted, frustrated and undervalued.

♦ At the end of the day, you go to bed feeling frustrated and secretly insecure, wondering if you’ll ever be able to elevate your business to a higher level WITHOUT forcing yourself to be someone you’re not!

             I get it…

I believe you shouldn’t have to contort yourself into a pretzel to attract high-ticket clients and get paid well for your Soul Work.

It’s simply NOT ok for you to not have the space and flow you need because you are too busy trying to do this someone else’s way.

I also get how hard it can be to not know HOW to do this in a way that feels right, and instead constantly trying to follow cookie-cutter advice that seems to work perfectly for everyone else but you!

I have helped many leaders, coaches, healers just like you to upgrade into premium coaching model – so you can design your whole Business and Marketing to meet your needs! – and avoid years of pressure and forcing yourself into ineffective strategies, accelerate personal transformation, and Quantum-leap your coaching business.

Here’s the thing…

While business strategy is essential and is one of my specialties, without someone who can help you re-wire your brain and energetics for success and hold space for your internal multidimensional transformation as you step into your next level… no strategy will get you results.

This is why I created a unique methodology that weaves masculine Business and Marketing strategies with feminine Quantum Energetics that help you embody deep internal shifts so you can set up the effective foundation to scale your business to multiple 6-figures and more with ease.

The Conscious F.U.T.U.R.E. Method™

Here’s how it works:

Using my Conscious F.U.T.U.R.E. Method™, I guide you through a series of specific steps to help you go from unclear, over-worked, and frustrated with your Business and Marketing to experience of freedom and clarity in client and opportunities attraction, WITHOUT sacrificing your spiritual needs or self-care.

Free yourself from limitations, confusion, and exhaustion by uncovering your unique Soul Design so you can step into your natural rhythm to attract & hold more Wealth.

Uncover & embody your Soul Expertise to stand out in your unique brilliance that is easily recognized – by you fully BE-ing yourself.

Transform your Business strategy – offers, sales, delivery – into a smooth system of spaciousness, flow, and ease – with space for self-care and creative flow.

Upgrade your Marketing strategy to confidently and effectively speak your message in a way that feels natural to you to activate a consistent flow of premium soulmate clients.

Release the Energetic Blocks that are standing between you and a multi-6 or 7-figure Business, expand your Wealth capacity, and position yourself to get paid consistently.

Elevate your frequency and powerfully shift your internal state to Quantum leap into the ultimate timeline of your Future and the most fulfilled version of you.

Here are some things to contemplate:

1. What beliefs that you’re aware of are holding you back from stepping into your next level?

2. What patterns do you find yourself repeating that you are ready to break through?

3. How committed are you to facing and changing these old beliefs so you can be fully financially resourced for your doing Soul Work and contribute to the world?

4. Are you clear on what your Soul Expertise is? How is it reflected in your marketing message?

5. Are you able to articulate what makes you unique and different in the world in a way that your potential clients can understand and are compelled to respond to? What words do you use?

6. Are you speaking to the specific audience that desires your Soul Work and can afford it?

7. Are you clear on what their needs and desires are and how you fit in?

8. Do you have a premium signature offer? Is the price truly reflecting the transformation you help create? What is the main outcome of this offer?

9. What are the tangible results your clients experience by the end of this offer?

10. What’s the current retention rate for your clients?

11. If you asked your clients, can they name the main problem you helped them solve? [rate on a scale of 1 (not at all) to 10 (absolutely)]

12. Are you creating content intentionally, and rotating through different types of content, or are you posting sporadically whenever inspiration hits?

13. Are you consistently selling in your content, with integrity and in a way that lights you up, or are you avoiding selling? Why?

14. What is your current lead generation strategy? Does it fit you and feel natural and good?

15. How does a client go from finding you online to investing in your offer? Do you have a way to filter non-ideal clients?

16. Do you know how to sell high-ticket offers? What’s the framework of your sales conversation? How confident are you in handling objections?

Now breathe! These questions can bring up a few “OMG, what have I been doing?!” thoughts… Don’t worry, I got you.

You’ve been invited to this special-access-only activation page.

This means we have have energetic alignment and I know you to be a spiritually mature integrous person, an expert at your work.

I look forward to supporting your journey so you can scale your business knowing exactly how to replicate your results over and over again and feel good doing it! 

Take care of this so we can start right away!

I am very grounded practical guide that also can see your Soul Design, your Mission, and what is the best way to execute it.

I use effective Business, Marketing, Visibility and Sales strategies, paired with the Energetics, Mindset, and lots of my own non-linear methods that are tailored specifically to what you are meant to do.

I save you years of pressure and forcing yourself into ineffective strategies by aligning you to your natural way, so that you can fully share your gifts and get paid well for them – but do so your own way.

I activate momentum, catalyze awakening, and help you upgrade your perception that accelerates transformation and collapses timelines of decades into days.

Client Success Series

Stevie Calista [Soul Blueprint Astrologer] went from over-working & undervaluing herself at $200 sessions to generating $22k in just 3 months!

Kristy Garnet [Herbalist & Holistic Empowerment Mentor] corporate executive turned entrepreneur, went from $80 sessions to multi-6-figures!

Viktorija Sage [Magnetic Leadership Catalyst & Visionary Strategist] got clear on her Methodology & Marketing, closed $32k in just 3 months!

Garbielle Parrott-Clamp [Radiant Vision Soul Leadership Coach] from struggling to sell $100 sessions to a $12k offer with ease & confidence!

Jennifer Redden [Emotional Mastery Mentor] went through a deep personal upgrade into a REAL business that is Soul-aligned & profitable.

Heidi McGill [Radical Empowerment Coach] went from working for free & undervaluing her gifts to selling $10k offer over and over ($30k in a few weeks).

Soochen Low [Creative Power Business Alchemist] upleveled herself & her business into Premium strategy & Pricing with Soul-aligned Messaging.

Lisa Hall [Soul Resonance Mentor] went from over-working in psychotherapy practice to premium offers generating 6+ figures with LESS work (plus $46k in re-enrollment!)

Janese Ulani [Kahuna Wisdom Keeper] went from not having any words to describe her work to high-ticket program & being invited to speak on Podcasts.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Yes, I will help you create your first or next high-ticket offer. I will guide you through specific steps to uncover, refine, and utilize your Soul Expertise, your Soul Niche, and your Soul Design to put together a premium offer that is Soul-aligned. We will also work on pricing and the sales process.

I believe in efficiency and repurposing. If your current program is Soul-aligned and matches the direction you want to take your business in, we will simply upgrade it to premium level, and adjust its delivery and pricing. If you realize you want to take your  usiness into a more Soul-aligned direction than your current offer, we can still utilize parts of it that work and add what is needed.

Ideally you have some online presence and are selling through social media already, but even with ZERO following I can teach you how to create it from scratch (I and many of my clients did exactly that). You will learn how to do this even if you have no following and not a single person on the planet knows who you are.

First of all, this is NOT a course. It is a high-level coaching and mentoring program. It comes with several complete courses inside the Study Vault to support you, but it is definitely a coaching program.

What makes the Conscious F.U.T.U.R.E. Mastermind different is that it is a combination of COMPLETE premium level “masculine” business and marketing strategy, high-ticket positioning and messaging, with “feminine” non-linear Quantum creation, personal transformation techniques, and multidimensional Wealth Energetics, all paired with direct laser coaching from me. There is NO other program like this on the market!

I myself have used the same method to build my business empire in the personal transformation niche, build audience online, and became a millionaire. I work from my laptop and have clients all over the world. I am clairvoyant and I build my entire business around my gift, so I get to do my Soul Work and be financially well resourced. I also invested (and continue to do so) well over $100k in premium level coaches, business and transformational programs, and personal development, so I walk my talk.

If you’re someone who wants to learn from the best in the business, from someone who’s actually done this journey herself and helped many other women do this, then I’d love to have you in my program!

There is a weekly call where you get direct coaching from me, and there is a private FB group where I show up every day and respond to questions, copycoach, advise, and energetically support. 

If your business is already at multi-6-figures and you are scaling towards 7-figures, you can add a VIP option in addition to the mastermind.

There is a whole module on this in the Study Vault! And on the coaching calls, I will answer your questions, review your offer, marketing direction, niche, positioning, sales process, or whatever you’d like, as long you present it in a succinct manner. In addition to this, I do personal transformation coaching, quantum creation energetics, and multidimensional support when needed on the calls.

There is one call per week, where I teach and coach you. The calls last about 2 hours. The calls are recorded and uploaded within 24 business hours into the Study Vault. You can download the recordings.

On average, there are about 10 women on each call, as most students do not attend every single call.

The Conscious F.U.T.U.R.E. Mastermind is a 16-week container (4 months). The pre-recorded material inside the Study Vault is self-paced – you can go at your own speed. The live coaching is the customizing component that is where the main value of having me in your life for 16 weeks comes from. The faster you implement what you are learning, the faster I can help you fine-tune your process so you can start signing soulmate premium level clients and have more space in your life.
Many clients value the live coaching support they receive on the calls so much that they re-enroll over and over (next 4 months, and so on) when they go through an upgrade in their Energetics or Vision, they go through the modules again and find golden nuggets that apply, and still get my customized coaching on the calls.
There is no program like this on the market – where you get such customized support in anything from your business strategy, to messaging, to copy creation, to your karmic cleanup and energetic upgrades. I get the multi-D and I am well grounded in 3D 😉 But you can choose to be complete in 16 weeks of your contract – it will give you all that you need to create multi-6-figure business and beyond.

This is a 16-week coaching and mentoring program. You have the access to the Study Vault for 16 weeks. You can download workbooks, audios, and coaching calls, and take thorough notes on the videos for yourself.

Yes. Not only will you learn how to launch, but I will teach you how to do it in the way that fits your Soul Design, so it’s not stressful, but fun. There are many ways to bring your offer to the world and I cover them all in the Study Vault material, plus on the coaching calls we figure out what fits you the most and that is what you will then focus on.

PRE-WORK: Success Mastery. MODULE #1: Soul Branding Archetypes, Soul Expertise, Soul Niche Positioning, Quantum Energetics. MODULE #2: Signature System, Premium Offer, Pricing Energetics, Sales Energetics. MODULE #3: Client X- Ray, Marketing Copy, Premium Energetics, Content X-Ray. MODULE #4: Lead Generation, Launch X-Ray, Periods of Darkness, Troubleshooting and Upgrades.

Some of the sub-modules are full courses, and everything comes with extensive workbooks to dive in deep. You might not need some parts and will benefit greatly by others – we will customize your journey depending on your current level of business knowledge and needs. But I want to stress that this pre-recorded material is the foundation, the main value is in the customizing of it all to your specific needs, which you get from asking questions, posting some of your workbooks in the group to review, and being coached directly by me on the live calls.

No. I will teach you what you actually need to run a premium level coaching business. Many people have done this without even a website! It is not website, or technology, or VA, that makes your business work – it is a proper business strategy and how you speak to your audience. All you really need is YOU. Most people coming into the program already have a basic website and some email software – if you do, you will simply modify your sales copy on the website to match your upgraded messaging; if you don’t, you can make a lot of money without ever having a website if you don’t want it.

Most of my clients got to 6-figures with about $20 per month tech expense. If you are at multi-6-figures, we will look at how your growth needs to be supported based on your Soul Design (for some people it is hiring a VA, for others it is getting automations set up, for others it is hiring a team of specific professionals) – you will know what you need and can make your decisions from there. In the program you will learn that most of the things you were taught that you need, you do not really need. Technology is not crucial to your success. What is crucial is your ability to bring your message into the world and sell it like hotcakes.

No. This is a premium program, and premium programs do not drip out content; however, they do get continuously updated and have a live coaching component 😉

I will teach you organic (free) strategies specifically designed for the high-ticket business model. This includes premium messaging and visibility strategies, social media presence, reaching out to other people’s audiences, presenting, building your own community, and much more. This also includes building your initial audience if you are starting from zero. No paid ads.

Usually many women coming into my programs have tried FB or IG ads already, and they ended up wasting a lot of time and a lot of money because it just didn’t meet their needs. I found that its a much better solution to first get your Energetics aligned and your business streamlined so that your are super honed in on the messaging for your ideal soulmate client AND have a capacity to accommodate higher inflow. Then if you want to run ads, they’ll work much better.

This program is designed to help both types of people: who do not know about internet marketing at all AND who have already learned many strategies from other courses or coaches but it still doesn’t fit right. Most of the stuff being taught out there is about low-level marketing to “pain points” and complex technologies for multi-step funnels.

In this program we do not do any of this – you will learn exactly what you need to properly design and market your premium offer. You will need a system to host your email list (we use ActiveCampaign) and some cloud service (we use free Google Docs) and social media accounts (we focus on FB, IG, LinkedIn, depending on your niche). As long as you know how to work a computer and use basic functions like email, a web browser, and social media, you will be just fine 😊

The Conscious F.U.T.U.R.E. mastermind is designed for people who want to get paid well for doing their Soul Work. This means that whatever you build your premium offer around has to come from your truth and feel like your Soul Mission. I specialize in helping spiritual coaches, healers, holistic health coaches, relationship coaches, manifestation coaches – conscious people in the personal transformation niche. Your clients can be anyone – from entrepreneurs to mothers to corporate professionals – that we determine inside the program. I do not work with product-only based businesses or MLM.

The primary focus of the program is YOU – it is about how to fit you into your entire business in the way that feels tailor-made and spacious, which means it’s everything from creating or fine-tuning a premium coaching offer, to marketing, to selling, to delivering it in integrity and with the highest quality for you and your clients, and customizing it all to your specific Soul Design.

The only way to be sure that this program is a fit for you and that you are a fit for this program is to schedule a call, attend the call, and see how I can help in your specific situation. I will absolutely not sell you anything unless I believe we are an energetic match and that I can help you. And the only way to know that is to jump on a call with me. I look forward to speaking with you!

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