discover your

Soul Superpowers

So that you can CLAIM your unique BRILLIANCE, and understand the most EFFICIENT and EFFECTIVE ways to EXPRESS YOUR UNIQUENESS to ACHIEVE the best-possible AWAKENING during your lifetime.

Is this you?

♦   Are you wondering what your main mission is this lifetime?

♦   Are you feeling that there are latent powers inside and you desire to wake them up?

♦   Do you find yourself trying too many paths and not really getting anywhere?

♦   Have you tried to “become conscious” the way you’re “supposed to do it” only to find out that it doesn’t work for you?

♦   Are you tired of inefficient use of your precious time as you attempt to find your path and live your destiny?

I am excited to present to you

Archetypal Soul Superpowers

An exclusive all-day workshop
open only to 12 people

HURRY – training is limited to only 12 people
reserve your spot today!

Friday, October 12th, 2018  ♦  1pm- 7pm  EST ♦  delivered LIVE over the phone

Knowledge of YOUR Archetypal Superpower is a shortcut to your DESTINY in this lifetime!

No more aimless wandering in the dark, trying to learn everything there is

in hopes that somehow that will show you who you are!

There are so many spiritual areas to learn about. All these spiritual paths are based on different Archetypal Superpower lessons and categories, and they all are GREAT – but…

If you know which path is yours – you can FOCUS your learning and self-discovery in that area. This generates a much more EFFICIENT and EFFECTIVE strategy for achieving the best-possible learning during your lifetime.

In this intimate group we will learn:

♦   About the Archetypal Superpower blueprint on this planet

♦   What are the Primary and Influencing Archetypes

♦  How the Archetypal Blueprint fits in with the Transcension Spiral Path

this exclusive all-day workshop on the

Archetypal Soul Superpowers

will help you

♦  REVEAL your Archetypal Superpower

♦  UNCOVER your own UNIQUE Brilliance Superpower

♦ DISCOVER the most efficient path to YOUR lifetime’s DESTINY

October 12th, 2018 ♦  1pm – 7pm EST ♦  Delivered LIVE over the phone

HURRY – training is limited to only 12 people
reserve your spot today!

Every lifetime your Soul claims particular Archetypal Superpowers to learn through, so that it can work through the karmic patterns in the most efficient manner and bring its Unique Brilliance through.

Knowing what Archetypal Superpowers you have this lifetime is like having a MANUAL for your personal lessons and powers.

Where will you be in a year from now? With the knowledge of your Soul Superpowers you will be speedily moving along your awakening path, doing EXACTLY what your Soul meant for you to do – you’ll be LIVING YOUR DESTINY!

Are you ready…

♦  to have your Archetypal Superpower revealed?

♦to uncover your own unique Brilliance Superpower?

♦ to discover the most efficient path to YOUR lifetime’s lessons?

♦ to understand the “bigger picture” of your life and how it fits into the situation on this planet?

♦ to KNOW what to focus on as you go through your life?


in this exclusive all-day workshop

Archetypal Soul Superpowers

October 12th, 2018  ♦  1pm – 7pm EST

Delivered LIVE over the phone