Rewrite your Freedom Story

De-trap yourself!

Every single event in our lives is there because we put it there.  Why do we do so?  Because this is how we grow and learn.  If there is something that is occurring that is difficult for us, even painful, that is hard to carry that belief of “Oh, I put it there for myself.”  But we still do, as a way to wake up from the soul’s perspective.  It’s just that the personality, from the lower view looking up, is not seeing it the same way as the Soul from the top looking down. 

What we want to do is to really clean up our issues with freedom in order to make room for the spiritual concept of freedom.  Otherwise we forever will feel stuck and limited.  And the lower self will always feel like “Oh, I have to do something that I don’t want to do.”  And then ego will go with that and then we’ll feel oppressed, and trapped and all sorts of perceptions that we end up in that are self-limiting. 

How will you rewrite your Freedom Story today?

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