Gratitude & Joy

Celebrating Life with Sirian Cetaceans

This month our planet gets an injection of the anti-depressant joy energy from the 5th dimension!  That is such an amazing thing, when that resonance comes through from Sirian cetacean beings (which are like dolphins from the 5th dimension) into this incredible Stargate that is next to our solar system, that then is resonating into our Sun.  And then from the Sun, resonating into our planet.

This is to support the clean-up of the morphogenic fields that have to do with depression and apathy.  That energy that makes you feel like “Why bother?  It will never work…”  The typical apathy imprint is actually part of the control mechanism of the negative imprint on this planet to keep us within the parameters of our own limitations.

But we are awakening beyond our limitations.  That means we actually are unhooking and breaking apart from those limited morphogenic fields.  And in order to do that we are utilizing the energy of joy from the 5th dimension.  That energy anchors through the gratitude in the heart and the beings that are working with that imprint are the cetacean beings of Sirius.

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