Clearing Identity Limitations

Releasing Martian & Atlantean karma

This month we are working with becoming a different identity – clearing the limitations of our self-understanding so that we can create the experiences we really desire in our lives.

Often when we want to create something, we don’t have the correct resonance FROM which we are creating. So that’s like trying to create something without having the right tools! If you are not equipped to make something happen, it doesn’t happen and then it’s just frustrating – and give the ammunition to the Lower Self.

What we want to learn is how to step into a different identity. This means that we must unplug from the limited morphogenic fields that were installed all the way back at the time of Atlantis.

The Martian beings were involved in inculcating of those limited beliefs, and then genetically and karmically we got stuck in them. This is the time when we are unhooking and getting unstuck in order to go into the Higher 3D Earth.

When you can hold the identity of who you are in the highest possible way, you are able to create whatever you truly desire from your Soul!

In the membership I will talk more about how to do that and about the Martian beings that were involved in Atlantis during that lifetime, and so on. And how those fields came into existence. And we will do a really good meditation in helping you actually create whatever that experience is that you desire to have in your life.

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Staying conscious every day is hard, especially when you become sidetracked by the fearful agendas of your Lower Self.

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