Clearing Family Karma

Aligning with the 4D Kihshian template

So for all of you who have had a lot of issues with the type of families that you incarnated into, this is going to be a great month of a possibility of cleaning up that kind of a pain load that you have experienced as children so that it could be moved away from, into the next level.

We all had parents that probably were not that harmonious.  It’s very rare when somebody had parents that everything went well.   Usually, even if your parents loved you very much, there were issues.  But a lot of Starseeds and Forerunners of ascension experienced difficulty when they are born into earthling families.

We will be working with the energies of this really awesome civilization that has moved on to a different dimension (ascended).  They are called Kihshians.  They have created, in the 4th dimension of this planet, a template of consciousness that is supportive of the harmonious Mother and harmonious Father blueprint.  In the Transcension Gate Membership we will connect to that 4D field and heal our issues with the incorrect parenting.

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Staying conscious every day is hard, especially when you become sidetracked by the fearful agendas of your Lower Self.

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