business direction

private phone consultation

with Eugenia Oganova

This consultation will give you the "Big Picture" CLARITY
on your business VISION, what's BLOCKING your success,
and what you can DO right away even if you're already too busy.

As a Business, Money & Marketing mentor and a Clairvoyant Soul Strategist with decades of experience, I will help you see what needs to be adjusted in your business right away to help you feel like a Queen of Abundance! I work with service-based professionals, healers, coaches, etc.

During the consultation we will also find out if we are a fit for my exclusive Entrepreneur Soul Strategy program, where I will help you UPGRADE your business to the UNIVERSAL ABUNDANCE energies, clean up Money-karma, change your Money Mindset, and STRATEGIZE in a very personal tailor-made for you way so you can have a LUCRATIVE business that feels AUTHENTIC and that allows TIME for you. 

Don’t miss out on this opportunity

Your time is Now!

The Business Consultation is ONLY for service-based women-entrepreneurs who: ♥ Want to create an authentic lucrative business that is in alignment with their values; ♥ Are open-hearted, sensitive, and curious; ♥ Strive to live consciously every day; ♥ Desire to contribute, make and impact, and serve their clients; ♥ Seek Abundance and higher vibrations.

This Business Consultation is for spiritually-ambitious women who are responsible, open-minded, and are ready to collaborate to UPGRADE their business and CHANGE the WORLD.

This isn’t for people who want to play victim, who don’t take responsibility for their own journey, or who expect to become an overnight financial success.

Stop aimlessly spinning your wheels, trying to do it all.
You need CLARITY on Direction & Money-Issues to once and for all align your
business with Abundance.

Here's what others have to say about working with Eugenia:

“WOW!! Eugenia, you were so clear! I can’t believe I didn’t do this sooner! I have a bird’s view not only of my business now, but of my life – and what I should do next. I will definitely work with you further! I NEED this!! “– Jessica T.

“Even though I was afraid to go for this, I realize now how much I let my fear stop me from doing what my intuition is guiding me to! I’ve sabotaged so many opportunities before and I am DONE! From now on I will “do it scared” as Eugenia says (I just signed up for her 6 month program!!!)” – Taylor V.

“My beliefs were sabotaging me at every turn… What was I doing all these years?! Working like crazy all the time and have nothing to show for it! No more. Thank you from the bottom of my heart, Eugenia – I am so looking forward to working further with you!” – Liane T.

“You have such an insight – on so many levels! I can’t believe that in just 90 min. we covered my business vision, direction and my family money issues, and my own karma, and my Soul mission – how do you do it?! WOW! Can’t wait to work on this further!” – Cindy H.

“This was so helpful for my business. Now I see how even though I’ve been doing this for 8 years, I’ve been trying to do all the wrong things, meanwhile blocking myself at every turn with the money issues. I’m so grateful for your clarity, Eugenia! I’m looking forward to working further, I so need your guidance! Thank you.” – Samantha L.

“This was super scary for me to go for – but after this ONE consultation I just signed up for the 6 month program! This is the MOST HELPFUL to me and my business decision I’ve ever made!” – Kayla J.K.

Why do you need this Business Consultation? And why is
NOW the greatest time ever to go for it?


Imagine the overwhelm is GONE, you know exactly what’s blocking your success, you finally have a grasp on what’s going on. I am a Clairvoyant Soul Strategist – this means I see the Big Picture with ease and will show you WHAT IS POSSIBLE for your business!

MONEY FLOW right now…

Discover one thing you can change right now to create more money flow into your business. Most of the time it’s a simple adjustment that creates a profitable result.


Look into your Money beliefs that might be blocking your wealth, and replace them with unshakeable Abundance mindset so that your abundance energy flow is not restricted and you can make your business Soul-authentic AND more profitable;


Get clarity on if we are a good fit to work together further in my exclusive Entrepreneur Soul Strategy 6-month premium program, where I will help you UPGRADE your business, clean up Money-karma, and STRATEGIZE in a very personal tailor-made-for-you way so you can have a LUCRATIVE business that feels AUTHENTIC and that allows TIME for you. 

Transform your Business into your
Soul Mission today!

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