Kavita Rani Arora

The 4 Pillars of Prosperity

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Kavita Rani Arora, Esq. is the Founder of the Epic Dream Academy & the Wealth Alchemy Lab Podcast. She’s an Unconventional Business Strategist and Spiritual Catalyst who supports visionary women entrepreneurs  to create Soul-driven Success and Daily Nirvana based on proven business strategies, ancient Vedic wisdom (where yoga comes from) and the Divine Feminine. If you want to go from Soul Crushing Work to Soul-driven Success, talk to Kavita.

During the past decade, she’s worked with thousands of people including leaders from UBS, Morgan Stanley, and Wells Fargo, as well as high-powered lawyers and visionary entrepreneurs worldwide through her transformational programs, workshops and retreats. She’s spoken alongside luminaries such as Dr. Christiane Northrup, Marianne Williamson, Lynne Twist and Gabrielle Bernstein.

Kavita earned her Bachelor’s degree from the Wharton School of Business and her J.D. from Santa Clara University. She’s a perpetual student, currently doing feminine form Ayurveda studies, who also has 11 different coaching and leadership certifications (and counting) and is a certified Kundalini and Hatha yoga teacher (500 hours). Prior to starting her own business, she spent 15 years negotiating contracts worth hundreds of millions of dollars for Fortune 500 companies like Avaya, AT&T, HP, and Sprint.

Kavita resides in Southern California with her partner, Moneesh, and son, Vijay.


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