Jocelyn Mercado

The Feminine Gone Wild as a Visionary New Model of Entrepreneurship

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Jocelyn Mercado is a visibility & thought leadership coach, guide for visionary entrepreneurs, founder of Sacred Planet, writer, and environmentalist.

Her journey of life initially put her on a path to hone her practical, logical side. She started out by earning her MBA, and then enjoyed a successful 15-year corporate finance career, working for companies like Cadbury and Mercedes-Benz.

But then she was thrust into a deep spiritual awakening, around the time her first daughter was born in 2010. It was that awakening which turned her life upside-down… And from which she emerged with a powerful understanding of how to use her intuition and healing abilities: aspects of herself that she’d never had access to before. She dove deeply into earth-based & shamanic practices, and studied alongside elders and wisdom-keepers.

At the same time she became immersed in studying the powerful world of online entrepreneurship and began creating online events designed to change people’s lives.

Jocelyn now works with visionaries, revolutionaries and change-makers all around the world, guiding them to break free from everything that has held them back in the past so they can joyfully offer their highest contribution to our collective future, and welcome in the abundance they need to live their fullest life.

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