Akanke Adefunmi

Mind Your Business:
4 Steps to Confidence, Clarity and Consistent Cash

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6 Practices To Combat Self-Doubt, Uncertainty & Overwhelm

Akanke Adefunmi works with women entrepreneurs and leaders who are struggling with overwhelm, self-doubt, and feeling scattered or unclear. She helps them to be focused, decisive action-takers with massive confidence… so they can actually achieve (not simply talk about), the success and freedom they dream about.

She has provided her clients with a unique pathway for gaining clarity, staying focused and consistent, and building massive confidence so they can make the impact – and the income – they pictured when they first started their business. 

Akanke is a certified coach, Licensed Spiritual Practitioner, founder of Claim Your Shero and the organizer of the Facebook group called Women Playing Bigger in Business.

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